FNTSY Football: 2016 Rookie WR Rankings

FNTSY Football: 2016 Rookie WR Rankings

Fantasy Football: 2016 Rookie WR Rankings and Analysis

FNTSY Sports Network’s Pat Mayo and Matt Harmon discuss the incoming crop of rookie WRs in the NFL. Harmon explains the process behind his “Reception Perception” WR analysis, his rookie WR rankings and the individual skills of each player. Plus, Harmon chats about his “Backyard Banter” Fantasy industry podcast.

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Harmon’s Rookie WR Rankings

  1. Laqoun Treadwell

  2. Josh Doctson

  3. Sterling Shepard

  4. Corey Coleman

  5. Michael Thomas (OSU)

  6. Malcolm Mitchell

  7. Leonte Carroo

  8. Will Fuller

  9. Rashard Higgins

  10. Michael Thomas (So Miss)

Rookie WR Rankings Show Index

0:56 Reception Perception Process
3:02 Michael Thomas (OSU)
4:12 Sterling Shepard
5:18 Laquon Treadwell
6:13 Corey Coleman
8:15 Quality for Opposition
9:15 Rashard Higgins
10:15 Roger Lewis
10:33 Combine Influence
11:46 Keyarris Garrett
12:44 Josh Doctson
14:30 Leonte Carroo
16:56 WR Blocking Ability
17:56 Will Fuller
20:06 Drop Issues
21:43 Michael Thomas (Southern Miss)
23:35 Malcolm Mitchell
25:12 Backyard Banter Podcast

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